Travel RVing – The RV Lifestyle and You

Travel RVing proffers a query. The RV lifestyle. What is it? There seems to be no definitive answer to the question. Perhaps that is because it is a very personal thing – a passion that is different for every individual RVer. The truth is, the RV lifestyle can be whatever you want it to be.

RV lifestyles are very diverse, but one thing is constant– the one thing all RVers have in common is their love for traveling. You may be a week-end camper, heading for a new destination not too far from home every chance you get. Perhaps you vacation in your RV, spending a couple of weeks or a month exploring new places. The great thing about RVing is that you can make your own schedule. Like where you are staying? Then, stay. Feet getting itchy again? Drag up and move on. There is a new adventure just down the road a piece. One very popular aspect of the RV lifestyle is that you can use your RV to follow the seasons.

Snowbirds travel south for the winter and return home during the summer. Full-timers live in their RV 365 days a year. When asked, most of them will tell you that they do live a simplified life and that they love every moment of it. And full-timing is not just for retirees and baby boomers. Families, singles, and couples of all ages and walks of life are kicking their traditional lifestyles to the curb in favor of hitting the road. No more lawns to mow, no traffic to fight (at least on a daily basis), and no more homeowners associations to deal with. Go where you want, when you want, any time you want. Stress-free living. This is also known as FREEDOM, folks.

Are you old enough to remember when folks actually visited with their neighbors? These days most of us know little more than our neighbors names. But the very nature of the RV lifestyle tends to get you out socializing again. The space limitations of an RV send you outdoors and into the wonderful world of people. Not just any old people, but people who share your interests. Spend a night at any RV park or campground and you will find RVers talking around a campfire, telling stories of their adventures and more than willing to share travel tips with anyone who shows interest.

Travel RVing is not for everyone. But those who have chosen the RV lifestyle cannot imagine any other way of life. It is just too satisfying to wake up in a new world every day and know that you are not dreaming…

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