Top 5 Pet Travel Tips

Now that you’ve decide to bring your extended family along, these pet travel tips will guarantee you a safe, worry-free, comfortable vacation for you and your precious animal. Since these animals are considered part of the family they should be part of the travel plans and their needs should be considered long before the travel date.Before those important pet travel tips are presented let’s start with the basic tip. Before your travel date, see to it that you’ve consulted your vet about your creature’s ability to travel.Those that are sick, recovering from an illness, too old, too young, or is pregnant are better left at home with a sitter or at a boarding company. Also check with your vet concerning necessary vaccinations and the issuance of health certification for travel purposes.Have a stress free vacation with your animal with these pet travel tips.1) Identification is very important not just for you but also for your animal. Be sure that he wears a rabies tag and an identification tag that contains your name and information on how you can be reached.Tags and collars can come off so consider the alternative of embedding a microchip into the skin. Consult your vet about this first.2) Your pet travel crate or carrier should have enough room for him to move, should be well ventilated, has handles and grips for easy handling, doesn’t contain sharp objects that can harm him, and most of all it should be labeled with his name, and information as to how you can be reached. To make your pet comfortable inside the crate, put a touch of home such as bringing a shirt with your scent, and bringing his favorite toys.3) Bring food, fresh water, eating and drinking bowls, pooper scooper and your pet’s first aid kit with you. Your pet’s food could be hard to come by; the reasons for the second up to third item to bring are pretty obvious; however, the first aid kit should contain your pet’s medications, ointments, and other medicines your vet might recommend.Remember, it’s always safety first whether you’re traveling by land or by air.4) If you are using a car for traveling, use a pet travel carrier to secure your pet and don’t leave pet unsupervised inside the car they could get stolen. It is not safe to let your pet’s head stick out of windows, choose a shady area for parking, and lastly don’t forget the food, water, and bathroom breaks.5) The last in this list of pet travel tips is about air travel. First, familiarize yourself with the airline’s rules for bringing animals with you and use an approved pet travel carrier for your pet that is marked with live animals then book a nonstop flight because connecting flights rarely have room for the pet to move about outside his carrier before the next flight.If you follow these pet travel tips and if you are very patient with your animal its a guaranteed fun, special, and stress free trip.

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